Welcome To The MiraclePrison Store

Here you can purchase ranks and items for your character on the MiraclePrison server.

Please be sure to enter your username correctly so that you can get your item(s).

Be sure to read our terms when you purchase something, all sales are final with no refunds! You will be banned from MiraclePrison upon charging back.

Sales come occasionally upon events/holidays! We apply the sales automatically so you don't have to! Usually, sales are announced on the server describing the discount amount.

Before purchasing for a friend, be sure to have EXPLICIT permission from them. 


Please note that charge backs result in an IP ban from our server


Always remember to ask the bill payers permission.


Our Terms and Conditions can be found here. You agree to these terms upon purchasing an item.


If you have any questions or purchase problems, please email us at



MiraclePrison Network is not affiliated with Mojang AB. Please contact us with any issues.